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Darleen Dangel said:   December 13, 2017 6:19 pm PST
Our Oliver is one of the nicest puppies we've had.. gets along great with our other two 4 legged family members.

Lynn White said:   December 5, 2017 5:36 pm PST
I am definitely interested in purchasing a Yorkie in the Spring for my 2 teenage daughters, who have been begging me to get a dog

Debra Worthen said:   December 2, 2017 5:24 pm PST
I had purchased a Yorkie from Vonda for my daughter. When my daughter moved out on her own she took her little girl Chanel with her. Chanel was grandmas little baby and now that she moved away I decided to buy my own furry baby. Vonda�s Yorkies are precious and have so much personality. I am on a waiting list for this spring 2018 and am anxious for the day to get here. You can�t help but spoil the little sweeties, I know I spoiled Chanel and can�t wait to spoil my own with lots of love. They are so precious.

Debra Worthen said:   December 2, 2017 5:20 pm PST
I had purchased a Yorkie from Vonda for my daughter. When my daughter moved out on her own she took her little girl Chanel with her. Chanel was grandmas little baby and now that she moved away I decided to buy my own furry baby. Vonda’s Yorkies are precious and have so much personality. I am on a waiting list for this spring 2018 and am anxious for the day to get here. You can’t help but spoil the little sweeties, I know I spoiled Chanel and can’t wait to spoil my own with lots of love.

Desme DavoDavis s said:   November 28, 2017 5:47 pm PST
I am interested in purchasing a puppy from you. Can you email me details and what I need to do to get started.

Samantha Summers (aka Coopers mom) said:   November 8, 2017 7:33 pm PST
Hi I am very interested in purchasing a Yorkie if any are available please let me know, I own a Yorkie poodle mix named cooper and he is my baby but I am in love with the full blooded Yorkie's please let me if you have any for sale I have been looking all over and was told you are the absolute best, thank you and god bless �

Reggie Howard said:   October 16, 2017 3:58 am PST
I read the reviews and had to see it myself. My wife and I drove from Bloomington to Yorkieville (4 hour trip) to check it all out. Sure enough, it is amazing. Vonda and her fur babies were so kind and welcoming to us. I tried to buy Lincoln or Katie Bug, but Vonda insisted they were not for sale. They are both 3 years old. Lincoln weighs 2 pounds and Katie weighs 3 pounds. We gave her a deposit for her next we wait. We feel like expectant parents. Thank you Vonda !

Neimoya Woods said:   September 25, 2017 2:08 pm PST
I am interested in purchasing a fur baby. My godmother recommended you, and I am excited that she did! I sent an email the beginning of this month, but have get to receive a response. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks! -Neimoya Woods

Sue from Herrin said:   September 23, 2017 6:24 pm PST
Thank you for our Benji, he is such a good boy and we love him so much. He is very smart. He loves his new home.

Jackie Maun said:   August 26, 2017 4:59 pm PST
I am interested in a very small female Yorkie. I will be in touch this week. A former customer recommended you. They have Max and Mia. My name is Jackie. My husband and I live in St. Louis. Phone is 314-352-4843. Looking forward to talking to you and being an owner again of a Yorker. Thank you.

Laura Goebel said:   August 3, 2017 1:17 pm PST
I found out about Vonda through my daughter in laws parents. They have two little boys from Vonda. After finding out more information on Vonda I called and she told me she would have new fur babies in the Spring. I sent my deposit and after the babies were born I went to visit Vonda at Yorkieville. What an amazing set up Vonda has for her fur babies. I picked my little Riley up in April and I just love her to the moon and back. She is so sassy. We are currently waiting for more fur babies to be born and we will be getting another baby girl from Vonda. I have gotten yorkies from other breeders and not one of them could be compare to Vonda. Thank you Vonda for loving these little ones for us until they find new homes. You are amazing.

Keith Lawerence said:   July 29, 2017 8:24 am PST
I have looked for over 2 years for my wife a "yorkie". We have been scammed twice with an overseas operation. So to say I am extremely careful and particular with dealing with breeders is an understatement. I read Vonda's reviews and felt someone hopeful. She actually did answer my emails, my phone calls and gave me numerous references I could contact. We sent our deposit of $200 and held our breath. Excited to be able to report everything turned out perfect. When she received our deposit she called and let me know. We picked out which puppy we wanted by looking at her website, since we 10 hours away. Vonda asked me alot of questions about me and my family so that she could pick the best "fit" for our family. When our little boy was 8 weeks old, we went to Yorkieville to pick him. What an amazing set up she has there. Dogs are not caged. She has a two story pole barn that she has converted into a 2,400 house for the yorkies. Still, can't believe it. Never in my life have I seen someone build their dogs their own house. We were greeted by tons of kisses from Prada, Katy Bug, Stinkin Lincoln, Caroline, Sasha and Abby. I hope I got all their names right. Anyway, kuddos to you Ms. Vonda !! You are amazing and truly unforgettable.

Judy Mazor said:   July 7, 2017 5:23 pm PST
I am wondering do you ever have yorkies that are a little older available for sale?

Christy Bishop said:   June 15, 2017 12:10 am PST
I am a former Yorkie owner that is ready for the next chapter in life! I miss my Yorkie named Anja that my parents got me more than 35 years ago in Germany, but I'd like a boy fur baby now. I was just about to get scammed when I happened onto Vonda' s website. I'm so excited to have a new baby! Ms. Vonda, I will be calling you soon to set up an in person visit! 😊

Sue Cunningham said:   April 8, 2017 8:44 pm PST
Thank you Vonda for all you do for the Yorkie breed. We feel blessed since we brought home one of your angels we call Jewel. She has brightened up our lives. I appreciate that I was able to text or call with questions. She was calm and sweet during a five hour ride. We have no night crying or issues. Jewel is perfect and a testament to exceptional breeding. She is beautiful, social, even tempered, topped off with a sweet personality. She's more than we ever expected. Thank you for the lovely gem.

Tammy Kirk said:   March 31, 2017 5:12 am PST
I can't begin to say enough good things about Vonda and Yorkieville! I have been so blessed by Ariana! She is the perfect little Yorkie puppy! She is very healthy and LOADED with personality!!! Yorkieville puppies are well worth the wait!!!

Tom and Beverly Stitt said:   March 14, 2017 11:53 am PST
We recently brought home two of Vonda's Yorkie puppies. We couldn't be happier. Vonda takes such good care of her Yorkies. Our puppies are healthy and strong and a laugh a minute. They already knew what the pee pad was for and quickly got the routine down. We highly recommend her kennel. Any bad news stories you may hear about puppy breeders do not happen here. Vonda and her puppies are pure gold.

Morgan O Connell said:   March 8, 2017 5:31 am PST
Vonda's Yorkieville is the only place to buy a yorkie. Her puppies are beautiful and are all spoiled rotten. We picked up our litlte boy this past weekend. He used his pee pee pad, played, ate and is so smart ! You can tell he was raised with love and care. Thanks again Vonda !

Laura Conveally said:   February 22, 2017 7:47 am PST
Just visited with Ms. Vonda and a room full of very well behaved yorkies. You can tell they are the center of her world. She dotes on them and they follow her everywhere. Please keep Vonda in your prayers. She has recently been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes in her neck. She had a 12 hour surgery to remove her lymph nodes, thyroid and parathyroids. She said she believes they get it all. Her voice is still weak, but she said she is getting stronger everyday.

Terrye Mitchell said:   January 6, 2017 10:18 pm PST
We bought our Ozzie 3 years ago and he is LOVED and SPOILED by everyone! We are wanting to buy a female and hope your new litter are tea cup! Our Ozzie is a tea cup and he is so tiny and precious! The last time we checked he was 2 lb! Vonda, please let me know is your new litter has arrived and if any females available! Thank you!

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